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    Environment News

    Amazon River aerial photo on the Peru-Colombia frontier, clearly showing the stream’s heavy load of “brown-river” sediment. Photo courtesy of NASA

    Scientists say the dams will block long-established annual sediment and nutrient flows, the loss of which could devastate Amazonian aquatic, rainforest and delta ecosystems.

    Domus Longus will be installed in the waters off Sulawesi to commemorate Coral Day there.

    A vacation visit to the island of Nosy Hara off the coast of Madagascar resulted in the accidental discovery of a ...

    Land concessions for large-scale agricultural plantations are stripping off Cambodia’s forest cover, according to a new report.

    The Ethical Ape is a regular column published by author and researcher Shawn Thompson. The views expressed in the column are ...

    Will India use its influence as the world's top importer of palm oil to push sustainability?

    The government is also pushing to revise a 25-year-old conservation law.

    One degree of warming would drastically reduce the habitat of nearly all of the region's endemic vertebrates, according to a recent ...
    featured image

    Woman who spotted Asian giant softshell turtle in a Malaysian Borneo market bought it; turned it over to wildlife experts, who ...

    This odd, armored animal is the planet’s most trafficked mammal, with its meat considered a delicacy and its scales a cure-all ...

    Primate researcher says that gleaning local knowledge, and working hand-in-hand with local communities is key to conservation.

    A university lecturer hunted the endangered primates for his Christmas dinner and posted photos of the carcasses to Facebook.

    In 1997, the government of Botswana began evicting indigenous San and Bakgalagadi people from their homelands in the Central Kalahari Game ...
    Sarawak has lost much of its primary forest to development. Photo taken in Gunung Mulu National Park by Morgan Erickson-Davis.

    The arrest warrant came after Sarawak Report published stories detailing how a sum of about $700 million was transferred to the ...
    Yupanqui, his wife Elena and a neighbor warming up for a tourist visit. Credit: Saul Elbein

    An end to conflict and a rise in tourism brings prosperity and environmental challenges to the Peruvian Andes.

    The development of REDD+ in Indonesia as an experiment in bringing together carbon abatement, equity development and biodiversity protection is continuing ...

    Identidad Madidi is bringing biologists to little-known parts of Madidi National Park, where they are finding some surprising things.

    Indonesia has a unique conundrum. The country has the world’s highest diversity of sharks, but it also has the world’s largest ...

    No more than 100 of the creatures still live in Indonesia's forests, with nine more in captivity.

    While deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has fallen sharply over the past decade, a larger share of forest loss is now ...
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